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So maybe...

  • You have been thinking about getting back in shape for some time.

  • You have some unwanted excess body fat.

  • What bothers you  is a belly bulge, or your love handles, or thighs, or back or arms or all of them.

  • You lack the confidence to wear what you really like for fear to not feel well in your skin.

  • Your energy has been in the minus.

  • You have been feeling an increase in body aches - no cool!

Maybe you are nodding your head right now, but then you think...

"All that is true but I don't know where to start"

"I don't have the money for a personal trainer" 

"I don't have the time or interest to go to the gym"

"I don't know what to do to get the results I want"

My friend, let me show you how you can start a journey where you will feel...

  • Lighter

  • More energized

  • More confident

  • Less stressed out

  • More motivated

  • More optimistic

  • And less pain

Welcome to Fit Mom Home Program

Get Ready to Get in Shape With Ease!

With this week by week easy to follow program, you will be able to create the foundation to Get in Shape. 

You will know exactly what you need to do next to start shedding some pounds, get a tighter body, be more flexible and feeling your health and confidence improving week by week.

Every week you will be performing 3 FULL BODY workouts of 30 minutes each, yes that is all you need 3x 30 minutes per week!

Also every week you will have a meal plan.

I believe that the best way to get results is to allow some flexibility, so you can use your meal plan in a flexible way and still get results.

Why is that possible? Simple, because when you discover the nutrition fundamentals inside this program, you will discover how easy is to eat healthy and delicious!

This course will help you maximize your time to get the body and health you want. 

When you finish this course you will have created the foundation for a lean, strong and healthy body.


Iliana's system to be in shape for life!


    Without the right mindset, nothing works. This program will start by setting the right mindset.


    This programs only requires you to commit to 30 minutes 3 times per week.


    You'll discover how easy is to eat healthily. You will have a simple and flexible plan.


  • Discover how you can get back in shape effortlessly at home without any equipment

  • Get ready for 3 weekly easy but effective 30-minute workouts that will ignite your energy and motivation

  • The full-body workouts will help you tone every muscle of your body

  • Discover how to eat healthy and delicious to start shedding some pounds WITHOUT A DIET OR COUNTING CALORIES!

  • Discover my simple Body Mind Glow System that will help you to be in shape for life

  • Every workout includes the necessary warm-up and an incredible STRETCHING routine

  • The 6 weeks will be the foundation for a life-time transformation for your health!

Course Content

  • 1


    • Welcome!
    • How This Program Works
    • Fit Mom Program Checklist
  • 2


    • Program Tracker
  • 3


    • How To Perform Push-Ups Step by Step
    • Push-Ups Progression
    • 3 Simple Steps To Enjoy Your Workouts
  • 4


    • Simple Weekly Menu
    • List of Complex Carbs
  • 5

    WEEK 0

    • Workout 1 with Comments
    • Workout 2 With Comments
    • Workout 3 With Comments
    • Workout 4 With Comments
  • 6

    WEEK 1

    • Workout Program Week 1
    • Your Menu Week 1
    • WORKOUT 1
    • WORKOUT 3
  • 7

    WEEK 2

    • Workout Program Week 2
    • Your Menu Week 2
    • WORKOUT 2
    • WORKOUT 1
  • 8

    WEEK 3

    • Workout Program Week 3
    • Your Menu Week 3
    • WORKOUT 3
    • WORKOUT 2
  • 9

    WEEK 4

    • Workout Program Week 4
    • Your Menu Week 4
    • WORKOUT 4
    • WORKOUT 3
    • WORKOUT 2
  • 10

    WEEK 5

    • Workout Program Week 5
    • Your Menu Week 5
    • WORKOUT 3
    • WORKOUT 2
    • WORKOUT 4
  • 11

    WEEK 6

    • Workout Program Week 6
    • Your Menu Week 6
    • WORKOUT 2
    • WORKOUT 3
    • WORKOUT 4
  • 12


    • Workout Program Bonus Week (7)
    • Your Menu Bonus Week
    • SPECIAL BONUS WORKOUT #2 - Stretching
    • WORKOUT 1
    • WORKOUT 2

What her clients have to say

Marisol Lopez, Montreal, QC

"For the first time in many years I have obtained visual results"

Marisol Lopez, Montreal, QC

"For the first time In many years I have obtained visual results and this achievement I owe it to Iliana for her dedication to me, for her knowledge and preparation and above all for the encouragement she gave me in each session to achieve my goals."
Leah Chartier  Montreal, QC

"She helped me to lose 30 pounds"

Leah Chartier Montreal, QC

When I approached Iliana she knew immediately how we would be working in a healthy and effective manner. She has a super healthy relationship with food and she managed to never give me a diet and she helped me to lose 30 pounds.
Danielle Louis  Montreal, QC

''She has changed my life''

Danielle Louis Montreal, QC

She has changed my life. She is really good at what she does. She knows the Human body perfectly.

Get the 6-week program for a fraction of what a 6-week private training plan will cost you.

Private training can cost up to $255 per week. You can get the 6 weeks program today at this super price of $47

YES, ONLY $47!

Meet your Instructor

iliana Sanchez

Wellness & Fitness Expert

iliana Sanchez

Hello and thank you for being here, My purpose and passion are to help you live a healthier, happier life through my personal and group coaching and now I have the opportunity to help you with my courses.  I’m a Wellness & Fitness expert and author. Over the last 2 decades, I’ve been helping people with their physical and emotional health.  Thanks to my coaching expertise I have been able to help many people transform their lives and with this same approach, I also want to help you transform your life. As a Certified Fitness Trainer and Certified Wellness Coach, I'm dynamic, human, full of life and energy, lifelong runner, yogi and martial arts aficionado. I have practiced and taught a multitude of disciplines, including athletic training, strength training, stretching, aerobics, Pilates, Yoga and Essentrics. My broad knowledge of Fitness and Wellness translates into an enriched experience for all my clients.  Iliana Sanchez Wellness & Fitness Expert


If that wouldn't be enough, Iliana is giving you two additional bonuses


    On the final bonus week, you will be surprised with two new workouts that will bring your fitness journey to the next level.


    One extra week of delicious meal ideas to stay healthy and energized.

Fit Mom - Home Program

Start Your Fitness Journey For Only $47

Get started now

Why you can’t miss this opportunity?

  • Because this program will be your guide every week, ditch the confusion of what to do next and what to eat to reach your Fitness goals.

  • This program will be the foundation for you to have a lean, strong and healthy body.

  • And think about it, this course cost less than a professional hair colour treatment, and this is for your health!


  • Who is this program GOOD FOR?

    This program is great for healthy, busy women especially moms that haven’t been physically active for a while and want to get in shape within their time-restricted schedule, have no intention of going to a gym or have no access to one and are confused about what to eat to lose weight.

  • Who is this program NOT GOOD FOR?

    This program is not suitable for people who have a health condition that prevents them from exercising. This program is also not suitable for people who want a quick solution or who are looking for results without any effort.

  • I haven’t exercise in a long time, can I do this program?

    This program is for beginners but healthy individuals. There is no advance movements and no jumps. I also offer some modifications for the exercises that can be more challenging at the beginning. You are also encouraged to go at your own pace and always stop if you need to. With time you will be able to perform the entire program with ease.

  • Where I will be able to see my program?

    You will be able to log in with any device that has an Internet connection. Yep, that’s all you need.

  • Do I need to always have a connection to the Internet to access my program?

    No, you can download all the material and use it whenever you want even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

  • How is this program different from the videos I can get for free on Youtube?

    I’m glad you asked. I personally have a Youtube channel and I have many videos to support my community, but what you cannot find on the internet or Youtube is the week by week fitness guidance and precise resources to go from zero to hero.

There’s nothing better than feeling that you are in charge of your health.

And when you have the right support and guidance the process is way easier.

My friend, see you inside the program ;)


As with all exercise programs, when using our exercise videos, you need to use common sense.  To reduce and avoid injury, you will want to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program.  By performing any fitness exercises, you are performing them at your own risk.  Iliana Fitness will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of our online fitness videos, or information shared here or on our website.  This includes emails, videos and text.  Thanks for your understanding.